Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems are used to track opportunities, engage with customers, drive increased sales and improve efficiency.

A key feature of these solutions is enabling remote access through mobile devices. Mobility of experience allows employees to work as easily on smartphones, tablets and notebooks in the field, as it is to use a desktop computer in the office.

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences by personalising contact with customers
  • Be proactive by leveraging the information stored within your customer database to determine the next interaction
  • Drive customer engagement by identifying trends to optimise communications

Dynamics CRM
  Central Database
CRM Systems provide one central place for organising all information relating to prospects and customers. This information can be entered directly into the system, or pulled in from an accounting system or social media application.

  Flexible Customisations
No two organisations are exactly the same in how they attract new business and deliver products and services to customers. Therefore, strong customisation capabilities are important to be able to support complex business processes. This includes customising what information is stored, how the system is connected to other applications and the automated processes used to streamline activities within the business.

 Shared Emails
Share emails between co-workers and prospects/customers inside the CRM system to always have an up-to-date view of all interactions. Also share notes, tasks, appointments and other activities

  Searching and Reporting
Finding information is easy with a quick search function available in most screens. The Advanced Find feature makes it easy to locate exactly what you are looking for.

Reporting options are many and varied and include existing reports which can be tailored to your particular requirements. In-built dashboards provide an overall summary of information around a specific topic which can be drilled into the delve into the data behind the chart.