365 Architechs Pty Ltd

Do we provide support and services for on-premise implementations, or are we totally focussed on the cloud?
Both. We recognise that many clients have realised significant benefits from a move to Office 365 and the cloud, while other business models better suit remaining with on-premise deployments. We are committed to working with our clients using the technology that best-suits their businesses.
How are we different?
We specialise in assisting our clients to leverage technology solutions for business benefits, not for the sake of technology alone. We wrap up our projects in our proprietary 365 Architecture Framework, incorporating Project Management, Implementation Methodology and Governance to provide assurance of project deliverables.
Do we charge for an initial consultation?
No. Initial consultations are provided free-of-charge, to assist you in exploring our solutions and determining alignment with your organisation.


Office 365

What is the minimum number of users required for an Office 365 system?
What pricing models are available?
Office 365 can be purchased in a variety of packages, as a choice of an annual, monthly or monthly with an annual commitment options. All licences are charged by user.
Can I pay by the month and cancel my subscription at any time?
Maybe. This is possible with some products purchased from some channels, but not all. Please contact us to discuss your options.
Can I replace all servers in my office with a subscription to Office365?
This really depends on your requirements. We have done exactly that for a number of organisations, which has dramatically reduced their on-going IT costs, but many organisations will still benefit from on-premise servers.
Can I change plans?
It depends. This can be quite expensive and difficult, and often requires a complete migration of data, so we suggest you ensure that you purchase the right Office 365 plans for your business. Generally we recommend “Enterprise” licences, eg E1 or E3 which are more flexible than the “Business” licences.
How many computers and devices can I install Office application on if I have purchased a ProPlus or E3 licence?
You are entitled to install Office applications on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices used by each person. This does not mean you can purchase one licence and install the software on 5 computers used by 5 different people.
Do I need to install patches and software updates on my Office365 environment?
Generally no. This is done for you by Microsoft. There are some major version updates that make such significant changes that you are given the option of upgrading when it suits you.


Financials for Office365

What is the maximum number of users?
What licencing model is used?
Named users, ie user accounts are allocated to specific individuals, as opposed to concurrent licencing which restricts licencing to the number of simultaneously logged-in users.
Is Financials for Office365 similar to Xero or MYOB cloud accounting systems?
Yes and No. Financials for Office365 is a much more comprehensive accounting and ERP system, including options for multi-currency, consolidations and foreign currencies, as well as fully-featured modules for job and project costing, fixed assets, warehouse management, manufacturing, project management and service management.
How can I access Financials for Office365.
Using a desktop computer, laptop, notebook, Windows tablet, iPad or smartphone.
Is Financials for Office365 suitable for a business with complex inventory management requirements?
Yes, inventory and supply chain management is a key focus for Financials for Office365.
What editions are available?
Lite (up to 3 users), Standard (up to 15 users) and Premium (Up to 150 users)
What about a licence for my external accountant?
A free licence for external accountants is included with all editions.


Dynamics CRM

What is CRM?
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business solution that helps companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers to drive organisational efficiency, while helping to improve customer experience.
What are the components of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
Sales force automation, marketing automation and service management.
How does Dynamics CRM help with Sales?
Sales force automation enables salespeople within your organisation to sell more effectively, by providing insights, guidance and tools to facilitate personalised and relevant customer engagements.
How does Dynamics CRM help with Service Management?
Service management drives customer loyalty through personalised, proactive and predictive customer service experiences. Service intelligence features allow organisations to harness the tools necessary to adapt to changing customer demands.
How does Dynamics CRM help with Marketing Automation?
Marketing Automation is delivered as an integrated solution for planning, executing and reporting on marketing campaigns used to generate opportunities to feed into the Sales force automation module of Dynamics CRM. It works across all channels of digital, social and traditional, and provides visibility of campaign performance through return on marketing investment analytics.
Is Dynamics CRM available on-premise or on-cloud?
Yes either – the choice is yours.


Project Online

What is Project?
Microsoft Project is a collection of applications used to help you plan and organise projects, and to collaborate with others. A range of project templates are available to get your project up and running quickly, and gantt charts enable you to visually see the progress of your project.
What licences are available for Project Managers?
Project Pro for Office 365 (desktop client software delivered by a cloud subscription), Project Professional (desktop client software with synchronisation available to Project server and Project Online), Project Standard (desktop client software).
What licences are available for project team members?
Project Lite. Note that this requires either Project Server or Project Online, and enables team members to manage tasks, share documents and submit timesheets.
What licences are available for the Project Management Office and Executives?
Project Online (cloud subscription) and Project Server (on-premises server).
Are there some basic project management features available in SharePoint?
Yes. We regularly develop basic project management sites inside SharePoint without requiring any additional licences for Microsoft Project products.



What is BI?
BI stands for Business Intelligence. It usually involves applications that provide interactive reports, dashboards, KPIs and other visualisations of corporate data and information.
What is PowerBI?
Power BI is a cloud service that lets you share, collaborate and access your Excel reports anywhere on any device.
Can I ask PowerBI a question?
Yes. PowerBI includes Power BI Q&A, a natural language query engine which accesses your data, selects an appropriate way of visualising that data and presents it to you quickly and easily.
Can I explore data using PowerBI?
Yes. PowerBI allows you to dive into your data – to generate insights, work with your data interactively and reveal the hidden story behind your numbers.
Can PowerBI monitor my cloud and on-premises systems?
Absolutely. Get a holistic view of all your corporate data, irrespective of its location in the cloud or your corporate datacentre.