Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) results from the transformation of data to create insights about an organisations people, customers, business processes, products and services to drive achievement of strategic objectives, competitive advantage and long-term sustainability.

BI can be used to support both operational and strategic decision-making, giving your business a unique edge over the competition.

Big Data supports BI initiatives by providing external datasets to complement internal corporate information to increase the data pool for analysis.

BI solutions provide a range of different ways of visualising information:
  • Key Performance Indicator Metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Interactive reports

You can mix and match these different ways of displaying information to create to complete management information system for your organisation.


Power BI is the desktop and cloud data analytics solution from Microsoft, providing seamless integration with Office 365, SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV and many other applications. Connect directly to other vendors solutions such as Salesforce, Xero and Google Analytics.

View reports and queries through interactive free-form drag and drop dashboards. Visualise trends and filter data in real time.

  Interactive Q&A
Generate interactive charts and graphs based on natural language query. Just ask a question, and PowerBI Q&A will generate an answer using dynamic visualisations to create a truly interactive experience.

Power BI collates and compares information from a variety of data source applications including excel spreadsheets, SharePoint lists and Access databases.

Share interactive and dynamic dashboards and reports with stakeholders without sending source data. Invite users to query the data and personalise their dashboard experience.

View and interact with Power BI content on any Office compatible tablet or PC.

Develop new connections and design beautiful insights to provide a holistic view of organisational data to empowering decision makers. Spot risks and discover opportunities at a glance.