Social computing allows users to interact in a natural, people-centric way. It’s all about communication. Imagine an organisation where everyone works openly with real collaboration between people. Information is readily shared among team members without obtrusive email interruptions.

The Modern office is open, collaborative and responsive. Realise what’s possible with the Microsoft Cloud.

New social media communication tools assist organisations to move from the old traditional hierarchies used to manage information flows to new responsive networks where information flows freely, organisational knowledge is retained and teams can be more responsive, nimble and adapt quickly.

Yammer provides a fast, intelligent way to connect and collaborate across your organisation. Communicate, share files and work together with team members.


  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Share files with team members
  • Connect with external users
  • Keep connected with the secure mobile app
  • Search for enterprise knowledge
  • Get notified of relevant information to you
  • Stay up to date with what’s happening in your organisation

skype for business

Skype for Business provides a single communications platform for messaging, telephony, video conferencing and sharing.

Modern meetings are powered by Skype for Business, where collaboration can take place in a virtual room. Participants can engage with smartphones, tablets or desktop computers with any combination of messages, shared-screens, voice or video. Integration with Outlook and One note provides easy scheduling of meetings as well as storage of meeting notes.


  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Instant message chat
  • Modern, online meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Connect with external users
  • Share desktops, presentations and applications