Cybersecurity Solutions for SMEs

365 Architechs offer several comprehensive cybersecurity solutions targeted at SMEs including a Cybersecurity Audit, Workshop and Diagnostic. These solutions are designed to empower businesses to build cybersecurity awareness and strengthen their security systems. 

Engage a specialist to navigate these unchartered waters with you today and you will be surprised how affordable and easy to implement modern cybersecurity defences can be.

Why is Cybersecurity important for SMEs?

In today’s hyper-connected world, organisations of all shapes and sizes face a variety of internal and external threats as they strive for productivity, growth and market share.


Even small businesses aren’t immune to these threats.


In fact, small businesses are often targeted by perpetrators, not because of their invaluable digital assets or financial data, but because they generally have weak and easily penetrable defence systems.


Many small businesses aren’t utilising the complete range of security defences they have available in their existing applications. 


This leaves businesses open to risks associated with business interruption, financial loss and reputation damage due to improperly configured or inappropriate cybersecurity systems. 

Cybersecurity is no longer an issue confined to the IT department. It is a cross-organisational concern affecting all aspects of a modern business’s operations.


Developing an appropriate level of cybersecurity literacy is critical for all team members to play their vital role in planning protecting and responding to cyber attacks. 


However,  the news is not all doom and gloom. Security applications and systems continue to evolve to protect against cyber threats, while the cost of these solutions continues to fall.


Implementing robust security practices is now available within the budget for businesses of all sizes and sectors.