Cybersecurity SME Solution Guide

Bolster your cybersecurity

SMEs face a unique challenge when it comes to protecting their people, data and assets against cybersecurity threats. 


Often budget constraints, limited resources and technical capability restrict SMEs from implementing and maintaining the best possible defence strategy. However, implementing robust cybersecurity practices is now readily available within the budget for businesses of all sizes and sectors.


Security applications and systems continue to evolve to protect against cyber threats, while the cost of these solutions continues to fall.


This brochure explores the cybersecurity challenges SMEs face in today’s hyperconnected world and the many tools they can utilise to identify and prevent threats to their digital assets.

Tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, the 365A Cybersecurity Audit, Workshop and Diagnostic help you develop the acute awareness and understanding of your systems that you need to bolster your cybersecurity posture. 


This series of solutions can assist company directors and management within organisations to make better decisions, protect shareholder value and ensure the on-going viability of their organisations. 


Gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to defend your organisation against cyberattacks today.

Questions to consider

  • What are the types of threats we need to defend against?
  • How are we placed in relation to our competitors in terms of cybersecurity maturity?
  • What assurances do we have that our defences are adequate, operational and continually evolving to meet new challenges?
  • What role do our users play in protecting the organisation and themselves against modern cyber threats?