365A Cloud Voice

Powered by Microsoft Teams

Get Connected

365A Cloud Voice is an internet-hosted phone solution built for organisations looking to modernise their communications.

Combining Microsoft and hosted PBX technology, 365A Cloud Voice delivers advanced cloud telephony services that streamline your communications and connects all the systems your organisation already uses.

365A Cloud Voice provides your team with the tools and flexibility to carry on business as usual during times of crisis or disruption, wherever they are located.

Evolve & Empower

Reduce your reliance on physical phone lines and shift your communications to the cloud.

365A Cloud Voice enables you to make and receive calls from a connected location.

Evolve how your business operates to suit a flexible “work from anywhere” operating model.

Deploying a cloud-based phone system such as 365A Cloud Voice means no copper lines, fewer costs, and more flexibility.

Users can bring-their-own mobile devices to get up and running quickly. Optionally purchase devices such as desk phones, conference phones, wireless earpieces, and headsets to further customise your modern communications environment.

Further empower your team by providing direct lines for individuals, ensuring that callers reach the right person each time.

Access & Integrate

365A Cloud Voice operates through the Microsoft Teams interface, so it is easy to use and can be accessed on any device such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Now, your phone system can go where you go.

365A Cloud Voice can be configured to work with other applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and Outlook.

365A Cloud Voice provides a familiar and easy experience for your users, so you can easily get up and running with a new phone system to streamline your communications.

How can 365A Cloud Voice transform your Organisation?

Powered by Microsoft Teams, 365A Cloud Voice offers simple yet powerful capabilities that enable you to stay connected to your team from virtually anywhere. We offer comprehensive pricing packages to a range of organisations that have outgrown their traditional phone systems and are looking for a solution to shift their communications to the cloud.