Artificial Intelligence

Supporting data-driven decisions

A Double-Edged Sword

AI solutions are be seen as risks or opportunities, depending on your point of view. To be fair, they are both. AI is changing the world for the better, with advancements in medicine, productivity, and automation affecting us all. At the same time, deep fakes, social manipulation, and job losses threaten to impact the ways we live and work every day.

Simply ignoring AI is unlikely to achieve a lot, so learning how to harness the power and manage the risks are key issues for all organisations today.


The Artificial Intelligence Journey

AI does not present itself with a quick fix. Understanding where your organisation is positioned, the skillset available and support you have are crucial in taking control of what can otherwise be a gamble. The first step in the journey, is awareness, followed by developing plans for implementation and management.

Explainability, transparency, algorithmic bias and automation are some of the terms to grapple with when developing policies for AI adoption. A conscious pursuit of ethical AI practices and identification of AI-powered opportunities are seen as critical for organisational performance over the next decade. How much you choose to embrace now and the extent to which you wait for others will be determined by capability and appetite. AI is not coming, it's here. Where are you?

AI Governance


Access internal and external data sources using devices, applications and sensors.


Consolidate data in a centralised repository and transform using Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.


Use Natural Language Processing, Chatbots and live interactive dashboards to visualise patterns and trends.


Alert and take automated actions using RPA, workflow tools and messaging systems to respond to events as they occur.

Data Privacy

365 Architechs AI Framework