365A Cybersecurity Audit

Gain a complete view of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats your organisation may face.

What is a 365A Cybersecurity Audit?

A cybersecurity audit is an independent review of the current state of your cybersecurity defences. 

If you're relying on Office 365 for your business operations, you need it to be secure and resilient against cyber-attacks.

A cybersecurity audit identifies existing gaps and weaknesses that you may not have been able to detect internally. 

What is included?

The 365A Cybersecurity Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of the cybersecurity configuration settings within your Microsoft 365 environment.

The audit consists of remotely accessing your cloud system and the review and documentation of individual security features and settings.

This assessment aligns with the 365 Architechs Cybersecurity Framework, including the five pillars of cybersecurity governance (Identity Management, Threat Protection, Device Protection, Information Protection and Security Management).

The audit includes the preparation of a report summarising the key findings and recommendations to improve your cybersecurity maturity.

You will also receive a Cybersecurity Information Pack which provides further insight into common cyber risks that many organisations may not be aware of.

This pack may be helpful for raising awareness of cyber risks and threats for managers, executives and board members.

What are the benefits?

Regular cybersecurity audits are integral in ensuring the effectiveness of an organisation's cybersecurity posture to manage risks. 

An independent assessment of your cybersecurity configuration settings provides the assurance that defences are comprehensive, operational and effective.

A cybersecurity audit arms you with essential knowledge of your security systems, so you can take the next step in remediating these weaknesses and closing the gaps.