About us
We deliver innovative and optimal business results, every time

Who is 365 Architechs?


We are an innovative IT consulting provider, driven to leverage digital strategies to develop advanced technology solutions.

We aim to drive profitability, growth and continued success of strategic objectives for all organisations


Our vision


We understand that business productivityis just not aboutsoftware applications, it is abusiness competencythat requiresastrategic approachto fuel alignment ofresources and achievement oforganisationalgoals.


What do we do?


Our approach to crafting, delivering and utilising software has advanced with the ever-evolving technology landscape. A strong emphasis on configuration has emerged, instead of the development of entire systems.


We specialise in the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and related technologies, with a particular focus on Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure, as the leading information management platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


We believe in aligning technology with organisational goals, the discipline of project management and the value of appropriate governance structures to ensure successful implementation of technology in all businesses, large or small, commercial or social enterprises.


Solutions are built using this cloud toolkit to develop custom web and mobile applications, document management, cross-application workflows, live interactive dashboards, team collaboration workflows and enterprise business systems. 


We recognise that we live in a digital world and seek to harness technology to deliver real world outcomes for the organisations we have the privilege to work together with. 

Our team


365 Architechs Pty Ltd are a 100% Australian-owned business providing consultancy services to help organisations leverage digital information and technology solutions to drive profitability, growth and achievement of strategic objectives. 

We employ a team of consultants with varying skills, experience and qualifications including certified practicing marketers, certified practicing accountants, chartered secretaries, database administrators, project managers, consultants and developers. 


Microsoft Gold Partners


Microsoft Gold-certified competency partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft. This endorsement allows partners to earn credibility as the company is associated with the trust and reliability  of the Microsoft brand. 


365 Architechs is recognised as a Microsoft Gold-certified Partner. Establishing a continuous and strong working relationship with Microsoft has allowed 365 Architechs to validate itself as a valued company within the globally recognised partnership program. 


As a Microsoft Gold-Certified company, 365 Architechs is entitled to benefits and privileges that other companies are not. These privileges offer a competitive advantage, as clients also benefit from exposure to exclusive resources, support, updates and training programs.