Make Smarter Decisions Whitepaper
Empower your team. Start now. Make smarter decisions today.

Dashboards, Dimensions and Fast Close

Decision-making is a key organisational competency for all businesses. It’s what executives do on a daily basis to ensure all operational activity is focused on the attainment of strategic objectives and the management of risks.

Boards and other governing bodies also find decision-making a key responsibility in fulfilling their duties under legislation and common law.


It stands to reason that making better decisions can improve productivity, avoid certain risks and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Agility combined with resilience can deliver sustained organisational growth, when supported by a strong culture and ethical perspective by leaders.

Technology certainly has a role to play, although human behaviours are critical to success.


This paper discusses the core capabilities that Dynamics 365 Business Central offers users, to ensure they are making faster, smarter decisions.

What’s inside?

  • How modern accounting and ERP systems can provide strong solutions improve the quality and speed of reporting
  • Introduction to Business Central’s dimensionality and drill-down capabilities
  • The benefits of automating the EOM process
  • How to make use of your data, before it is out-of-date