Stay connected to your team, wherever you are working.

Persistent Chat

Microsoft Teams chats are persistent, meaning they are retained permanently.

Persistent chat enables users to easily onboard new employees or assign team members to new projects.

Chat is embedded in channels along with other topic content so team members can use advanced search to easily find specific messages, files and documents.

External Users

Microsoft Teams enables you to give external users access join meetings, calls and conversations. 

You can share content with these users through chat as well as add them to teams. 

External users can also receive and respond to one-on-one chat, group chat or channel notifications from the organisation that they are connected to.

Reduce Email

Reduce your email clutter with advanced chat capabilities in Microsoft Teams.

Use @mentions to cut through notification noise and get the attention of a specific team member, without sending them an email.

Real-time presence in chat saves time by indicating each team member's availability status to other users. 

Promote to a video, conference or audio call

Microsoft Teams offers users the ability to move between chat, audio and video calls based on where the conversation is headed. Users have more flexibility to choose a communication method that best serves the purpose of the conversation.

Promote a chat conversation with a team member to an audio call and easily add new team members to it. These team members can join by video call or even by dialling in with audio conferencing on their mobile device. 

Drive Company Culture

Use emojis, GIFS and stickers in one-on-one or group chats to better convey the tone of your messages and foster a collaborative culture. Use the tools to communicate non-verbal cues and help build employee engagement. 

These reactions help give emotional context to your messages and express different ideas or thoughts. You can use different reactions depending on the formality of the message. 

Microsoft Teams Chat