Stay connected when working apart through powerful meeting experiences.

Impromptu Meetings

Microsoft Teams empowers the modern professional to meet flexibly by offering several ways to create and join meetings in traditional, hybrid and remote office environments. 

To meet instantaneously, you can use the "Meet now" feature in Microsoft Teams or Outlook to start an impromptu meeting.  

Once launched, you can invite team members and host a spontaneous catch-up.  

Alternatively, you can promote your channel conversations to an impromptu meeting and invite more participants as the conversation grows.  

In the new age of instant communication, the need to meet and collaborate with people outside your organisation is essential in fostering innovation and solving complex problems.  

Microsoft Teams empowers you to connect with people beyond your organisation, by inviting external users to meetings.

External users can experience the same rich functionality such as application sharing, presentations, integrated chat, and note-taking. 

Microsoft Teams is accessible on all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. All you need to do is download the app and sign in to start scheduling and joining meetings.

Alternatively, you can join online from a browser, with no need to download anything.

Types of scheduled Meetings

Microsoft Teams offers 3 types of scheduled meeting options including calendar scheduled meetings, live events, and webinars.

Choose the meeting experience that best suits your audience size and the level of interaction required. 

Meeting Tools & Features

Microsoft Teams provides a suite of rich collaboration tools available in meetings to facilitate collaboration and productivity. 

You can share a Word document or Excel spreadsheet to co-author in real-time with the meeting participants.

More collaborative meeting tools include Presenter Mode, meeting recording and transcription, digital whiteboards, and interactive backgrounds such as Together Mode.