Types Of Scheduled Meetings

Host engaging meetings and virtual events to stay connected with your internal team and external audiences.

Scheduled Meetings

Meetings are a common event in a modern organisation's daily business processes and communications. However, inefficient meetings can be a drag on productivity. 

Microsoft Teams empowers you to hold productive, engaging, and inclusive virtual meetings, regardless of where your team is located. You can host a scheduled meeting from your desk, a board room, while travelling, or from a coffee shop. Wherever you are, the meeting experience is always the same. 

Live Events

Reach a wider audience by extending your events to virtual attendees using Microsoft Live Events. These can be used for town hall style meetings, company announcements or new product launches - any time you want to provide information to a large group of people. 

Live events are suitable for situations where content is to be provided without significant audience interaction such as a company-wide announcement or an address by the CEO.

Connect with up to 20,000 participants both inside and outside your organisation, through engaging live events in Microsoft Teams.


With the right combination of technology, accessibility and inclusivity tools, Microsoft Teams empowers you to deliver quality virtual content and interactive experiences via webinars to foster learning, connection, and inspiration.

Connect with audiences of over 1,000 participants both inside and outside your organisation, through interactive webinars.