Personal & Team Productivity

Work independently and collaboratively with integrated apps in Microsoft Teams.

Personal Productivity

Use familiar Office 365 apps in Microsoft Teams to streamline your workday and work more efficiently from one platform. 

Microsoft Teams provides built-in access to tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Visio so you can securely access, create, and co-author documents and files in real-time.

Create, prioritise and track individual tasks using Tasks and Lists to drive personal productivity and meet deadlines.

Use Microsoft Teams and Outlook together to create and join meetings from either platform. Sync your personal Outlook calendar and manage it directly from within Microsoft Teams.

Communicate in one-on-one chat and easily share files from your personal OneDrive. 

Team productivity

Use apps in Microsoft Teams such as Tasks to delegate and track collaborative work from a high level down to granular detail. 

Create digital Kanban boards, assign custom labels, and gain visibility with real-time status updates to individual tasks. Receive notifications for important task changes and add the app to a channel for accessibility.  

Coordinate shared channel calendars and schedule meetings with team members. Chat with team members in persistent conversations and start impromptu meetings from a channel.